Tuesday, February 8, 2005

pics at six (a.m.)

First of all, take a moment of your day to read about the cuddly menace. You’ll be glad you did when their ships start arriving (via webjunkie).

Now, this morning I awoke at 6. Well technically I woke up at 5 but I lay around for an hour before it became apparent that I would not fall back alsleep. So after watching the news for a bit I became bored and decided to play with my camera. I discovered some features that were great fun.

I have yet to look at the manuel, I have much more fun fiddling around. Also I decided my action figure collection was not only extremely photogenic, but in need of memorializing.

The rest of the pictures are at clarapics in the oddities folder and some are showcased on …a work in progress….. I honestly love my camera. It totally needs a name. Suggestions?

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