Monday, February 14, 2005

suck it

What a happy fecking valentine’s day. Before 9 o’clock I have 4 crises on my hands. 2 of which are major. Then I check my messages and my manager lets us know she’s called in sick. Ahhhhhh!!! So I frantically call Ingrid’s cell – knowing very well she’s on the subway but I have to do something. Naturally as soon as she arrived I started waving my hands wildly and asked her to make everything all better. I still don’t know if our clients will end up happy or severely pissed but I have a moment of calm where there’s nothing I can do but wait.

Sigh. Anyway on with the misery. On Friday Hayley managed to get Jer and I tickets to go to the
mysteriously yours dinner theater for their valentine’s show, along with the rest of the fam. Joy. My ‘be invisible’ tactics I thought I’d perfected through years on being a loser in public school and socially terrified in highschool abandoned me. We had a keystone cop sitting on our table and he joyfully pulled me out of my seat at one point so everyone could stare at me while he make up a backstory about me being a criminal with a ‘wandering eye’. Be that as it may the whole ordeal was quite unnecessary. The worst was yet to come – after I’d sat back down the entire table (Jeremy’s family and Trevor) stared at me with a sort of sympathetic fascinated horror, waiting to see what I’d do next. I did nothing of course, smiling tightly and gazing at the ceiling.

So judging from this weekend, the whole Valentine’s experience thus far has been sadly lacking. Not that it’s ever been the sort valentine’s that a tackily romantic girl would hope for but somehow I’d thought it might be different this year. My plan was to make dinner for Jeremy tonight but I'm feeling seriously unmotivated and the idea of going to pick up groceries (even just a little), and doing dishes is more than a little daunting. We'll see how I feel at 5, tho i just remembered that I've left the recipes at home and have no idea what I need. Ah well. In conclusion, I’m wearing two shades of pink and I feel like a clown, rather than the cute cherub thing I was going for. Too bad really, I totally have the hair and cheeks for it.

p.s. suck it.

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