Monday, February 28, 2005

worst case scenario

So on Friday I received a notice that I had mail I had to sign for waiting at the post office. It said my name or current tenant. Ohmigish. my insane brain then began concocting wild stories about what it could possibly be. On Saturday Jer and I went down to the Manu life center to pick it up. Before we left we were creating theories about it’s origin. My first thought is that I’m being evicted. Jer’s was that I was getting a huge cheque for some reason. We decide that it must be about the apartment because it said current tenant. So we narrowed it down to:

  • Getting evicted (mine)
  • Noise complaint (jer’s)
  • New bathroom (mine)
  • New key for front door (jer’s)
  • They are selling the property (mine)

After an ordeal of Jeremy rushing me out the door and clucking when I took the time to apply mascara – we arrived to discover they weren’t open. We thought maybe we’d see a movie first but they were also closed. So we got munchies at Valu-mart and sat in front of the post office with some old ladies who were also early worms I guess. The worst part is that Jer and I both forgot our books so we had to – heaven forbid – speak to each other for half an hour.

When I finally picked up the letter I saw it was indeed from the property management company I rent from. I was all set for the worse and steeled myself to open it. Turns out it’s notification of a rent increase. It’s after my lease expires so if I want to stay on I’ll have to pay $10.13 more a month. Heh. Well as I pointed out to Jeremy as he smiled smugly at me was that at least I was prepared for the worst.

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