Friday, February 25, 2005


Ok so I answer the phone for a number of different companies. I’m very used to sales calls that go down their list and call random numbers because they’ll end up speaking to me 10 times in a row. By the last call I say no as soon as I hear their voice. Sometimes if it’s a live person I’ll have a little fun with them, like they’ll say hello and I’ll just say I hate vogue magazine, knowing they were about to offer me a subscription. This usually baffles them completely and I get a little kick. The new annoyance now is Kelly from reservations. It’s a recording and I’ll get 50 calls in a row from this thing. Whatever, I’ve adjusted. As soon as I hear HI! I hang up.

So last night I just got settled in my comfy clothes, had a glass of wine next to me and an intriguing book in my lap when the phone rings. I look at the number and it’s a 416, but not one I recognize. I was about to let it go to VM when I realized – Hey! I’m making all my payments on time and I have no reason not to take a call from an unknown number. So I answer the phone. HI! This is Kelly from reservations………

Argh. I was seriously annoyed for a moment but then I was struck with the hilarity of the moment. After fighting this woman off all day she follows me home. And it was the only time my phone rang all night.

It reminds me of this Boris fellow
that Jamie was just talking about. Maybe he and Kelly should get together…

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