Friday, April 22, 2005

just a thursday night

Here is the pizza Jeremy and I always end up getting. Chicken, sausage, provolone and asiago. I think. I’m not sure about the cheeses. Not like we need to know. Jeremy just walks in and asks for ‘the usual’. Delish.
I gave Jeremy his souvenir. He loved it. Who knew they made pink baseballs. I shied away from the inflatable bat as it’s Jeremy we’re talking about, but it turns out with a baseball I’m the menace. I’m surprised I didn’t put a hole in my wall. What can I say I’m used to having a yard to play in.

Jeremy got a haircut. I was home for half an hour before I knew. When I got to my apartment he was there taking a nap with the sheet wrapped around his head. Nothing out of the ordinary there. I gave him his baseball, we talked about our respective days at work and the sheet stayed on. Still, nothing unusual. Then I went in the other room to read for a bit and when Jeremy came in he said he should be a rock star and he had my black wig on. Sadly, still nothing unusual. It was on for like 10 minutes before I realized it was backward and yanked it off to fix it. THAT’S when I saw the new army ‘do. I love it.
And also here’s a picture of me just to balance things out. Plus I look cute.

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