Monday, April 25, 2005


I bought my first TV this weekend. It’s not the first TV I’ve had but it’s the first I bought all by myself all for myself. And it’s a BEAST. You can see it compared to the TV I had been watching. Wowza. Not that I didn’t love that little TV (thank you Dave and Connie), we’ll put it in the bedroom for movies or something. I’m not a big fan of having a TV in the bedroom but it’d be nice on a rainy weekend to lay in bed and watch movies all day.

As for my new TV it’s great, but I fear that I should’ve gotten a smaller one. They’re so cheap these days and I was pumped I could afford it but in my little apartment it’s a bit much. It’s like being in the theatre. It’s great for movies but the news was a little overwhelming this morning. The volume is so nice tho. With my old TV we had to crank it to hear anything. The traffic noises on Yonge St are severe as you can imagine, and the hotter it gets the more windows I’ll have open and it'll just get louder. Now we can actually hear things. I just need an antenna.

*update - Ok I just called Jeremy at my apartment (he doesn’t have to work till 11ish), and asked him what he’s watching. Alien vs Predator. Nice. I told him I’d already done my post and said that I’d gone a little overboard with the TV. He assured me it’s perfect.

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