Tuesday, April 26, 2005

no seriously

Ok I promise not to post about my TV – after this. I cleaned my living room last night and I took a picture because I know no one would believe me if I just told them. I basically switched the room but now the TV is in a little alcove so it doesn’t stick out into the room as much and it’s off to the side so it’s not the centre of attention. As much as is possible anyway with a beast like that. Actually that'll be her name. BEAST. Or maybe Behemoth. I can’t decide. Either way I can call her Bea for short. Anyway I digress. While cleaning I found numerous mouse poos and shredded Kleenex. Lovely. I also found stuff people have lost when they visited, my phonebook, my gameboy and all sorts of other wonderful things. It’s still messy, I have to tackle my bookshelf and pile of crap in front of it, but after that I’ll be set. Except for the dishes. But technically that’s the kitchen so it doesn’t count even if they are in the same room.

In case you’re wondering what’s on TV in the pic, that is Olivia comforting a rape victim on Law and Order SVU. I love you detective Benson.

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