Friday, May 20, 2005

finale finale finale

Last night was a night of finales. Will & Grace, CSI and the Apprentice. CSI won the battle for our viewing attention, with Will & Grace and the Apprentice being flip channels. I’m sorry but 2 hour CSI directed by Quentin Tarantino? NO CONTEST. Oh Nick you were so brave, sigh. Anyway tonight is Star Wars @10pm, very excited and judging by all the reviews I’ve been hearing I won’t be disappointed. I just hope Jeremy doesn’t wear a Darth Vadar mask or anything. I mean, I’m a fan but Jeremy is a ‘have a light saber battle with your friend while waiting in line’ fan. Seriously, they were on the news. I heard this morning on Global that it was a bit emotional. Great. I’ve become quite a leaker, well more like Niagara Falls really. But if there is anything to get teary-eyed about – I will. For instance last night on CSI when Eckley was being really nice and supportive during the search for Nick, I got a little choked up. So I’ll have to bring some tissues to Star Wars, just in case.

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