Tuesday, May 24, 2005

smells like monday morning

Weekend was lovely, Jer and I just laid about, watching movies and reading our books. Wonderful but not inspiring enough to write about in detail.

This morning however, I had a bit of a lump come my way. I was supposed to be in an HOUR early for a meeting that was booked ages ago. I drag my sorry ass out of my nice bed and away from my darling Bear and trudge on in to work. Once I’ve arrived I do my thing to get all opened up and start playing online while I wait. So I wait. And wait. Once 8:30 rolls around I’m pissed. So I check the general VM here at work and there’s a message from this morning, saying they’d like to cancel. Gee, thanks for sharing. I really didn’t mind coming in an hour early for no reason, I’m assuming you won’t want to pay for my time since you didn’t show and why don’t I just bend over and you can do me right proper. Snarl.

update* I should mention that Star Wars was great, I did get a little choked up at the end, but no tears. Also I've decided that I need to get Jeremy one of those cloaks Annakin wore - yummy! He's decided he wants to be a Sith lord. He's been holding his hand above my leg and trying to squezze it with his mind. You're special babe.

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