Thursday, May 5, 2005

spontaneous rant

For the past two weeks I’ve been harassed by a 705 number. It would call at the same time every morning and not leave messages. It was actually three numbers and they all started with 705-444. after awhile they started calling at night and on the weekends so I actually could answer the phone. But I didn’t. By this point I was freaked out thoroughly thinking the worst and hoping to avoid it by not answering. Finally Ingrid had had enough of me whining and called all three numbers. They were ALL out of service. I figured that whatever it was was no longer and I would just never know (I should point out that I searched everywhere online to track the number but all I could find out was that it was a Collingwood number). Then Monday night I it called AGAIN. I answered the phone right away but it hung up as soon as I did. So pissed. By this point I’m contemplating calling bell. Last night they called again and I waited a moment then answered (angrily) HELLO??!!??

‘Is this Clara?’


‘Well Clara one of your friends here in Collingwood has recommended you to enter some stupid luxury wonder getaway happy fun-time draw and – ‘

‘No I’m not interested and frankly I’ve been harassed by this number for the past two weeks. Remove me from your list.’

She was appalled I’d been ‘harassed’ and apologized. I don’t know anyone in Collingwood and if I did they certainly wouldn’t give out my cell number like that. Anyway my steam had run out so I didn’t yell at the woman any further, she was just doing her job. I’m proud of myself tho. Even when I am angry I never allow myself the luxury of showing it (except for close friends and family, before you guys start laughing your heads off). I always swallow it. I think I do this for two reasons. One, I hate confrontation and am ascared of it. Two, I don’t want to make people feel bad. I hate it when people either don’t care if they hurt someone else or they do it ON PURPOSE!! I see it everyday. I’m not asking for citywide hugs and kisses but for goodness sake try to be a little more considerate people. End rant.

p.s. – it wasn’t my intention to rant today, these things just happen.

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