Monday, June 27, 2005

tired, hot & sweaty - and not in a good way

Ah poodles, I’m so sorry but I can’t possibly post my pride pics today. I’m beat. They’re great tho, I got an awesome one of the Mayor. But you’ll see that later. Right now I’m making nine batches of rice for a wedding dish. I pulled pork for hours today as well as assorted cleaning and such. Jeremy spent the day fixing the gazebo with my dad and brother in-law. It was so cute they all had on their wife beaters and were being all handy. This is going to be a tiring, hectic week so if any of you are picturing me maxin’ and relaxin’ on my vacation, stop it. Seriously, stop. Sorry to disappoint but that’s all for now. Seeing as you’re all so lost without me I’ll give you a little treat to sustain you.

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