Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bruce touched me - it was magical

Last night I became an active participant in the summer of love, waiting three hours in line to catch a glimpse of the mighty Bruce Campbell. I was NOT disappointed. Not only did I get a glimpse; I got a handshake, picture, chat and of course – autograph. As you can see in the pictures I was very excited. Seriously I nearly was crying and fainting like when people first saw the Beatles. Brucemania. He is just as handsome in person and so, well personable. He answered some questions before be started signing (best voice ever) and he was hilarious, just being himself - sarcastic, self-depreciating and clever. Anyway we got to chat for a few minutes (seconds really, but it felt like forever in Bruce’s presence) when he signed the books and they took our picture and it made the long wait worthwhile. This weekend I’m going to read my new, personalized copy of Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. Aren’t you jealous.

Also I saw an old high school friend waiting in line there and he promised to come and check out the blog. Small world eh Kosta?

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