Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the aftermath of bruce -or- how bruce brings people together

If you’ve read the comments from my magical Bruce moment post, you’ll know that Kosta has left some wonderful links for us to enjoy.

UnkleKo: deviantART now in my blogroll
twothirtyseven - now in my links section

I suggest checking them out……hmmm y’know when I was at Toronto Trek this year I decided that my next tattoo HAS to be some incredible anime woman. Y’know – big hair, big T&A, big attitude. Much like my ultimate
dreamgirl. Now that I’ve run into Kosta maybe I can wheedle a personalized drawing out of him. Veeeeerrryyy interestink.

Here are some samples of his art:

via twothiryseven

Now scroll down and gaze at Bruce some more.

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