Monday, August 8, 2005

bakulicious & stockwellucious

Ok. I’m just getting over a cold and so all weekend I was sick and lying around. So naturally I watched Quantum Leap for hours upon hours. The more I watch the more I love Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. So to spread the joy and wonder I am sharing some links with you.

You must go here and listen to the dulcet tones of Scott Bakula. Seriously, he’s really good.I want the Quantum Leap Album.

Did you know Scott posed in playgirl? Well some of those pics can be found in this
awesome gallery and here at shirtless male celebrities.

Ok on to Dean. You can’t be interested in Dean Stockwell and not have stopped by the Stockwell Appreciation Society to visit the Sassies.

Ah what a wonderful pair of men. I can’t wait till tonight when I get to spend more time with these fabulous boys. We’re running out of episodes tho, we need seasons four and five and we’ll have the complete set. Must. Have.

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