Monday, August 8, 2005

for my girlfriends

Just got back from lunch. Hayley (from university, not pseudo sister in-law) came by work and took me out. It was just what I needed. That’s the sort of thing I envisioned before moving to Toronto. Lunch with a pal, drinks after work, reading in a café and all that. Anyway I’ve been emotionally….well, volatile I guess you could say, for a bit now (see five posts down) and there really is no medicine better than getting together with an old friend. Jeremy I love you to death but there is no substitute for a girlfriend. Especially one who’s seen you at your absolute worst - drunk and passed out in strange places, high as a kite thinking you’ve just figured out the meaning of life, skanked up beyond bad taste – and still loves you. Maybe it’s because she was some of those things with you, tried to talk you out of some of those things or some of those things were her idea; in all likelihood it’s for some unfathomable reason that you’ll never know, but will always be there.

Wow I can sure go poetic can’t I?

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