Thursday, August 11, 2005

a break in the case

Last night I saw this van with two guys in it pull up to the curb. They put they’re four way lights on and got out. Without looking at one another or speaking, one guy took a box into the store and the other propped open the hood as if something was wrong. But he never looked at the engine. The other guy came out (sans box) and they wordlessly got back into the van, closing the hood. The whole thing lasted like 30 seconds, maybe a little longer.

Now I’ve seen tons of people pull over on Younge St for several minutes to do personal business and none have ever bothered with the ruse of ‘engine trouble’. My naturally curious mind led me to wonder at the scenario I had just witnessed. Jeremy thought robbery but they left empty handed so no. Maybe it was a drug drop off or some other illegal substances. Maybe they were just paranoid about getting a ticket. I dunno. They were definitely shifty tho. Constantly scanning the area, no contact between the two men as they conducted their ‘business’, the smoothness of thier (planned) actions – it just seemed weird.

So naturally I took their picture. without the flash, as with it you’d just see my screen. Of course after that I turned the flash on and took a pic then ducked. Y’know just to freak them out. They didn’t notice or react tho. The pic I did get just looks like some guy worried about his car but not to me. Pure fishiness. Or pure paranoia and there are actually people more concerned with getting in trouble for breaking the rules than me. Yikes. Well either way I put it here for your benefit. Feel free to come up with crackpot theories and the like.

You can't really see much as it's far away, but you can see the van (well truck i realize now). If I suddenly go missing look for this van, they’re probably trying to silence me!

oh and....

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