Tuesday, August 2, 2005

bye bye bell

Hey I got a new phone on the weekend, I’m in love with it. So I’ve now broken with bell completely. Well in a month my contract with them will be up but I’ve turned the phone off so for all intents and purposes – we’re through. I did have to change my number tho, but I sent out a mass email to everyone in my contact list to let them know. the trouble is that I have no clue who’s in there anymore, so I may be getting some odd calls. If I missed you just email me.

So – I finally saw Wedding Crashers this weekend. Wow. Hilarious and pretty crude at times. Loved it. I also watched a crapload of Quantum Leap. Sigh. I forgot how much I love Scott Bakula. As for Caribana it was pretty tame in my neck of the woods. Sure it was loud and I had some issues getting to sleep but it was festive and friendly. Jeremy and I were remarking on this fact when we came upon some police tape. We continued along and saw that yonge & dundas square was completely taped off and there was a forensics unit there, as well as many cops. Yikes.

Anyway the weekend was good, din with in-laws was fabulous as usual, I read 4 books and when Jer came over on Monday he brought pizza with 3 dipping sauces. My dream life.

my new baby...

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