Friday, July 29, 2005

neopets and bakula (clara's lucky day!)

Yesterday was a lucky day for me. While playing neopets, I won TWO jackpots!! The total winnings came to 125 000 neopoints. I’m thrilled. Tho I did have the fleeting thought that I wished it was real money I am ecstatic. I’ve been on neopets for ages and never really won anything.
Here are my neopets in case you were interested, in order of age (when I got them) – Shmargy, garglib and Himheneo (adopted). Aren’t they sweet?

I figured I was having a lucky day so I bought some scratch tickets. I won $4!! Sure it’s not much, you may scoff, but I don’t ever win things. Once I won a poinsettia sweater from a draw at the Royal bank in Ridgeway, Ontario. And I nearly cried with joy. Next stop – Global’s gonna call me and I’ll win 10 grand. I hope not today tho because I missed the codeword (Becca din). Unless some generous soul knows the word and feels like sharing? Hmmmm…?

p.s. Jeremy got the rest of his birthday present last night at Rebecca’s birthday dinner – THREE SEASONS OF QUANTUM LEAP!! Well I know what I’m doing this weekend…

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