Wednesday, August 31, 2005

none shall deny my coolness

Hey can you guys check out this grinchala post of mine. I quite like the pictures I took and tickled and I want some honest opinions. By honest opinions I mean lavish praise. Hell I’ll take criticism if it's lavish enough. The key here is lavish. Lavish means delicious right? Oh wait that's esoteric. 'Lois! Who's the Boss is not a food!' Ha ah ha.

Maria and I are heading to the Flatiron to say goodbye to one of our favorite bartenders, Mike. Sure I don't go as much anymore but it'll still be the end of an era. Maybe I’ll get dinner there. Fish ‘n’ chips. Damn that sounds good. Or a plate of mashed potatoes and gravy. And some beer of course. And NTN. And…no wait, that’s it.

Oooh…… I got a call from
Fastball Sports Cards and my Project Quantum Leap patch is in. I may pick it up tonight. Now I just to find the perfect jacket to sew it on and I will be the coolest chick ever!! And if I ever meet Scott Bakula or Dean Stockwell they will think so too.

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