Tuesday, August 30, 2005

because i watched it again last night and it's all i can think about

Of course this time I’ll let her keep her own face. Strangely enough I didn’t dream about anything phantom related; of course it took several days of quantum leap for Mr. Bakula to find his way in there. I had a dream where I was going somewhere with Maria and I ran into Jeremy on a subway car that was a bridal dress shop and he told me to run along because he was getting a surprise ready for me so I ditched Maria and someone else who was with us and ran home to sit and wait for Jeremy a good girl. I remember being very excited until I woke up alone. Damn you Starbucks for opening so early. Truthfully tho I really do like the extra 2+ hrs where I have the bed to myself in the morning…

hey wow I ended up writing a post after all!

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