Monday, August 29, 2005

a weekend in the islands and my newfound love for gerard butler

I had a great weekend. We had a surprise Pirates of the Caribbean bday bash for my sister. The party wasn’t a surprise, but the Caribbean part was. Guests had a choice of being an island girl or pirate. I thought for sure I’d go pirate but my sis bought me a fern bra and my fate was decided. I made a smashing island native. I kept making comment about the sailors coming to our island and giving us all gonorrhea. I had to make sure people knew the risks if they choose to be an islander. It was only fair. Considering it was all relatives I was warning, the jokes went over fairly well. has a full gallery of this weekend for those lucky enough to have access

I got to meet Edgrr, the new dog on the farm. He is adorable. He’s a Corgi-Shepherd mix and he loooves to be around people. he followed me up to bed one night and crammed himself between me and Jer for the night. Cutest dog ever.

Highlights of the weekend include my dad’s peach pancakes for breakfast, chocolate fountain of fondue, any time with the niece and nephew and Phantom of the Opera.

Now I didn’t actually watch Phantom while home for the weekend but Jeremy did. Twice. Then we stopped by HMV and picked it up on the way home from the bus terminal. Then we watched it at my apartment. Oh. My. After watching it (sobbing and gasping and being moved beyond beyond) I stayed up and watched certain scenes over and over for nearly two hours. Especially the Point of No Return scene. Shivers baby, shivers. I got so much more out of the story than I did from watching it onstage. If you haven’t seen it go do so. If you didn’t like it don’t tell me because I may call you horrible, horrible names. Which you will deserve. Gerard Butler = sexiest phantom ever. After the Music of the Night scene I kind of let out my breath on a puff and said ‘wow he is totally hot’. Jeremy agreed. I wanted this Phantom to take me away to his lair. Oh baby.

me and my phantom

I love you Gerard Butler. You’re now on my list. The good list. If you like Gerard (and you should or the horrible names may be reiterated) you should also go to While googling the hell out of him this morning I discovered, where they eschew the tyranny of trousers. So if you like men in kilts or are a man you doesn’t like wearing pants, you should check it out. I am all over the celeb photo gallery. What is it about Scotsmen. Or regular men dressed up like Scotsmen, as long as they keep their mouth shut. That could work too. Sigh.

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