Thursday, September 22, 2005

hnt – elephantat

FINALLY I’ve gotten around to posting my tattoos. The first one, on my shoulder, was received when I was 16. The pic was taken from a fake jungle tattoo that came free with a box of Kleenex. The second is on my lower back and was designed by myself and drawn by my sister Jenna. It BADLY needs recolouring; by next summer I will have treated myself and gotten it done. I need to take care of the tats I have before I go and get any more. I tried so many poses but any that showed both tattoos was indecent or made me look like the queen of pudge. I tried to be artsy and cool but just couldn’t pull it off. Jeremy was ready to kill me by the time I was satisfied with the pictures. At one point I snapped ‘I don’t have time for this!’, when he was being a dink and taking pictures of the moon. He started killing himself with laughter and asked what exactly I had to do that was so pressing. Um, TV? Heh. He was being annoying too, tho. It probably stems from being a photographers son but the manboy thinks he’s a genius. He was twisting my head, doing 20 shots of the same pose with different exposures and shutter speeds, saying things like ‘I just can’t capture the vision I have in my mind’ and making a pouting thoughtful face. Yeesh.

Obviously, I love elephants.

update* Ok maybe they’re strangers, but I like the idea that I can have a part in making their wedding happen. Go HERE and vote for Crystal and Chris to win a free wedding. C’mon, it can be your good deed for the day. Or think of it as contributing to the blog community.

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