Monday, September 26, 2005

i don't wanna grow up

I got my night & day contacts this weekend. I’m in love. I’ve been taking out my contacts every night and putting them in every morning since I was 13. NO MORE!! We had to trek down to the dufferin mall to pick them up so naturally we stopped by toys r us to play. Jeremy found a nerf revolver that he nearly cried for and he failed to prove himself as the hula hoop champion he claimed to be. I’ll believe it when I see it. we played Star Wars Lego for a couple minutes and became HOOKED. That’s the first game I’m buying when I get my ps2, which I’ve decided will be my next paycheque that rent doesn’t come out of. It’s Star Wars, but you’re made of LEGO!! And everything else is too!! So good.

The next day, feeling creative, we stopped by the dollar store and got some crafts – scratch a sketch and zoo animal capsules. we laughed at the scratch a sketch but it soon proved more difficult than it looked. It came with two animals and one blank slate. I did the elephant (obviously), Jer did the zebra and I did the blank one. I made a girl. I did both of mine in the time Jeremy did his one, but he insists his was harder because off all those stripes. Whatever.

While we were scratching our little pics we raced our grow tube animal things. Y’know to see which one hatched faster. Jer tried to cheat by giving me colder water but I’m nearly positive I won. When they were all hatched I glued them on a picture I drew to give them a home. As you can se they are quite comfortable. We’ve decided to try to do a dollar store activity once a week. well I decided but Jeremy will go along with it. if he knows what’s good for him.

We also had a bizarre experience with a piece of popcorn that I won’t go into right now. You'll have to wait untill tomorrow. It freaked me out a little more than it should have, probably due to the fact that we watched Outer Limits all weekend.

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