Thursday, September 1, 2005

hnt – from the flatiron

So it turns out that Mike isn’t leaving for over two weeks so we may have to go again for a farewell beer. If we don’t make it out there again I figure we’re covered. So in honour of our favourite bartender’s leave-taking, he is the subject of half-nekkid Thursday. Calm down ladies, it’s just an arm. But what a lovely, beer procuring arm.

So I DID get fish ‘n’ chips and it was delicious. Maria was showing off her luscious blondified locks and Boyd gives it the thumbs up. Well he gave something the thumbs up and who deserves it more than Maria? It was a lot of fun, every time I go these days I always end up wondering why I don’t go more often. Probably money.

While smoking outside I noticed the sandwich board advertising specials and whatnot had a very disturbing message:

close up:
Kevin Bacon creepy?? Are you mad? I can’t stand for any derogatory statements, be they spoken or written in chalk, about the men I love. So I marched in side and demanded to know who had written such a thing. Turns out it was someone from the day shift who I’ve never heard of so I lost interest. I will however NEVER have the Teriyaki Chicken Wrap advertised on the board, it’s forever been tainted in my mind as a Kevin Bacon hating food.

As the weather turned meaner Maria and I made a pact. We even shook on it. Next time there’s any sort of disaster (flood, blackout, Katrina, whatever), we’ll meet at the Flatiron. We called it the PPCACA Pact, don’t ask us why - just say it as much as possible, it's fun. If you’re in the downtown area of Toronto when disaster strikes feel free to meet us there. Don’t join the PPCACA Pact unless you can hold up your end of the bargain tho. If there’s an earthquake and we don’t see you at the Flatiron we’ll be pissed and come after you, just as soon as they clear up most of the debris and we finish our beer.

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