Friday, September 2, 2005

pcs and macs living together?!??!!?

Last night when I arrived home I found Jeremy fighting with my computer. You see we can ordered a cable that can access our shmancy new phones on the comp and put mp3’s on for ringtones and all sort sof other goodies. Now Jeremy is a Mac boy and I’m a PC girl. Yes and we still make it work people. Anyhoo the ringtones he’d made and brought over to my PC (whose name is HAL by the way) were just showing up as a “file” file. No recognized type. So I ran an mp3 repair application, a converter, you name it. Nothing. We forced winamp to play it and it worked (!) but when transferred to the phone – nada. Jeremy is sitting there thinking Mac thoughts when it finally dawns on me….I reach over and just type .mp3 after the filename. Bingo. Jeremy was astounded. He thought it was the stupidest thing and illogical and rant rant rant. Welcome to PC world where nothing is as it seems.... But hey we now have our PHANTOM OF THE OPERA RINGTONES!! So everyone start calling me. I won’t answer, I’ll just listen to Gerard Butler and pretend he's singing to me.

Hey check out iKid:

You DO want the trendiest baby around, don't you?

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