Tuesday, September 6, 2005

nothing tuesday

My forgetfulness has caused me to miss out on dorky Tuesday. I’m so distraught; I really went through some awkward phases that would delight and horrify you. Ah well maybe later. Instead you’ll have to settle for random weekend pics.

When we got a pizza this weekend we discovered the over exuberance of the guy who sliced it had given us triple the normal number of pizza slices. We think it made it easier to eat. Jer and I polished off a large in 13 minutes. Seriously.

I picked up my quantum leap patch and a second hand jean jacket on Friday and stayed up VERY LATE in my quest to make them one. Well there were tears, cursing and a little bloodshed – but I did it. Behold the glory of Jean Jacket: Project Quantum Leap.

Other than that I slept in and watched movies all weekend, made ringtones for my phone that noone ever calls me on anyway, had din at the in-laws, and discovered that mice can still get into my apartment. I nearly stepped on one in the bathroom.

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