Friday, September 16, 2005

street peeps

When I leave the apartment in the morning, I pause in the little alcove outside my door and light a smoke before heading down Yonge St. fairly frequently this catches homeless peoples attention and they ask me for one. I always have that one smoke out and ready so it’s easy for me to say it’s my only one. This morning this happened, but rather than continue on his way this guy followed me.

On our walk I learned:
  • We should all be home having sex with our significant others, not going to work
  • People in the apartment above me are spying on me
  • People in the sky are spying on the people in the top apartments who are spying on everyone else.

Well, by College I’d had enough so after crossing the street several time,s speeding up, and slowing down, I finally handed him the rest of my smoke and said if I didn’t run I’d be late for work. Then I ran.

Man you should have seen the looks I was getting when we were walking together, such pity, but no one stopped to distract him. I mean if you’re getting on a bus or something and you know you’ll have an out shortly, why not let a girl get away? At one point I saw some cops ahead of us and I thought for sure they’d do something, but those bastards turned down a side street. Anyway he wasn’t a scary homeless person, quite personable really, just smelly and a wee bit insane. If I see him again I’ll give him a smoke but then tell him he has to leave because they are watching me right now. and as he leaves I’ll mention that I/we’ll be seeing him. He doesn’t strike me as the type to come after them, so I figure that’ll do the trick.

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