Thursday, September 15, 2005

hnt - from the film festival

Hnt just happens to fall on the day after I actively participated in the Toronto Film Festival for the first time, so your pics are Gerard Butlers slightly out of focus half nekkid face. You lucky things.

We waited in the rush line for over two hours and against all odds, we got in to see Beowulf & Grendel. The wait wasn’t bad, naturally Jeremy made friends and I got to play too. These were some hardcore Gerard fans. We had a lot of fun discussing phantom and we picked up a few more movie titles we missed him in. I got to see Gerard when he came in (briefly) and then when the cast & crew got up before the movie to have a little talk. When they seated Gerard for the movie Jeremy and I had palpitations because he was coming right at us!! He ended up sitting eight rows up from us….EIGHT ROWS FROM GERARD!! He was really friendly with the crowd and I ended up getting far more than the limo to theatre glimpse I was prepared for. I love him, and I swear at the end when we were all filing out, he looked right at me. I mean it, he did.

Oh and I also enjoyed the movie. Really it was good, definitely not Hollywood so I don’t know how the majority of people will like it. If you like Gerard or epic stories you probably will.

In case this doesn't satisfy the hnt people, here's some chest:

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