Wednesday, September 14, 2005

buy my face

If any of you have been following along in the comments section, you’ll know that my sister used a picture of MY face to make a reflection in a chocolate mirror they are selling. Thrilled tho I was/am I’m not sure I like the picture she chose. What do you guys think. I look feral, teeth bared and all that. When I wear too much makeup my features look small and hence, my face looks big. I’ve advised my family they have a blog of pictures to choose from (especially HNT pics). Hopefully she’ll continue to use my face as I feel this is one more claim to fame I can get my hands on. You too can own my face on your own delicious beauty set!! Buy one today before they all end up on ebay. And yes, I am willing to autograph them. You have to go to Nigh’s to get it tho.

Tonight Jer and I will be standing in the rush line at the Elgin, hoping see
Beowulf & Grendel. Oh Gerard. Sigh.

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