Tuesday, September 13, 2005

i got mail

Today I received a lovely email from Anthony. he directed my attention to this post of his, where he shamelessly flatters me and goes on to mention that he’s actually seen Jeremy while strolling down Yonge St. I just called Jeremy and told him; he was excited that he’d had a ‘blog sighting’ while not actually having a blog. Ah I love stuff like that. Now I don’t know how I feel about the insinuation that Jeremy could possibly be my better half, but I’ve decided I must link to Anthony and keep an eye on him. So from now on you can reach him in my sidebar.

Yesterday I got an email from
Mary, whose blog has now ended as her job teaching in Korea wrapped up. Now as she journeys home a new blog chronicles the adventures of Mary and Craig making their way back to Canada. Aaaanyway, while in China they saw a store called Clara and sent me a pic of it. Loving my name as I do, I loved the pic (I really love my name – once in art class we were doing pottery and I made a globe where all the countries were some derivation of ‘Clara’). I’d like to think that somehow this store is a homage to me. Unfortunately while in china they can’t read my blog because of restrictions by the government. They have to wait until they are outside of communist borders. So folks you heard it here first, somewhere in the world I have been banned. Most of you probably would be too but still. I feel so badass.

Next email on the list was from Denise, as she continues to send me pictures of Jeremy as a child, knowing full well I’ll post them. Well he doesn’t seem to mind. Hell he’s getting recognized!!! He should be thrilled dammit. If you have any questions about putting a child on a little scooter then tying it to something you’ll have to direct them to her. Feel free to use the comment section.

My oh my I love getting emails. So much fun, so much fodder for my amusement.

And when you think about it, isn’t that what really matters?

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