Monday, September 12, 2005

I saw jean chretien

This weekend Jeremy and I went walking about Yorkville on the off chance that we’d see someone famous. It seems half of Toronto had the same idea, it was packed!! There were still plenty of places to sit and have a tea, reading our books or just people watching. we noticed a crowd gathering across the street from us but that wasn’t unusual, people were crowded around the entrances to all the shmancy hotels waiting for a star to come out. When we walked over to take a look we saw it was Jean Chretien!! So cool. Jer wanted top go and see if Jean would put him in a chokehold for a pic but we weren’t sure about his sense of humour and he was getting into his car at that point. Ah well we can dream can’t we?

here's a close up:

We hit up a couple of toy stores on Cumberland. Oh my!! Retro Fun had all the things from my childhood and probably my parents. I picked up a couple of packs of old Fright Flicks cards and Garbage Pail Kids cards. If I could get my hands on some
Dinosaurs Attack cards I would have all the ones I used to collect as a kid. Weird kid I must’ve been. Anyway the the Garbage Pail Kids one even had the stick of gum. I was going to eat it but Jeremy remanded me it was 19 yrs old. So I’ll just hang on to it. It smells like glue.

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