Friday, September 9, 2005

what's on her face and in her head...

Thank you lovely Kalani, for giving me the descriptor to use in regards to my hair:

“Clara oh Clara.
Honey haired pixie of a girl.”


I love it! I felt wrong saying ‘blonde’ before because it’s not quite there, and it sure ain’t brown. Honey. Y’know I DO have a problem with bees liking me overmuch. This explains a lot.

And thanks to
orion_skie for linking to this quiz where you basically just pick your eye colour. I’ve never quite known how to describe my eye colour either and now I can see (thanks to instructional photos) I have blue-green eyes.
You chose blue-green eyes. You are a very happy, hyper person. You love to laugh a lot with your friends, and you are loud in large crowds. Most of the time you're smiling, but inside, you have a slight low self esteem, and you try to cover it up with cheerfullness. You try to live life to the fullest. You also believe in all the supernatural things. Like in faeries, ghosts, aliens, etc...You like to keep your options open. You can sometimes be a bit bossy too, when people don't always like the same things you like. It makes you defensive.
The Eye color personality test
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Ergo I have honey hair and blue-green eyes. Wow I sound a lot cuter than I actually am. Here’s a first thing in the morning no makeup shot to prove it. I told you I wore those antennae all the time.

Anyway, now that I know what I look like I have something to share with you all. Be gentle. Having an evening to myself last night I fired up the new old laptop and started plugging away. I started what I thought would be a dry dialogue; some short of darkly humorous short short with irony and just desserts and all that. I ended up with an intro to a new world fairy tale of some sort. It will have its moments of darkness and, quite against my wishes, an unhappy ending I’m afraid. It will veer dangerously close to high romance. It just sort of ran away from me and I can’t make a story do what it does not want to do. I really tried to bend it back to my original intentions; I don’t have the energy for something epic but I guess I’m just thrilled that I’m writing. You may not know this but my only dream (and one I’ve had since grade 2) is to write and get paid for it. Not for money, but because that proves something I guess. Getting published. Anyhoo here’s the
extremely rough draft I wrote entirely last night.

And here’s to hoping I actually finish a story this time. I have so many beginnings and no endings.

On another note:

Happy Belated Birthday Adorable Niece!!

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