Tuesday, October 4, 2005

my time in service

Oh sweet Girl Guide cookies. Minty chocolaty goodness. Delish. I was sitting here, trying to find something fabulous to write about when Margaret comes by with some Girl Guide cookies. I started reminiscing about my own Girl Guide days. Oh yes, I was a sweet little girl guide. Well, sweetish. Back in my day we had the cookies in the shape of the trefoil or a maple leaf or something and crème in the middle. Anyway I was checking out the website just now and the pledge has changed!! It was something like ‘I promise, on my honour, to do my best for God, the Queen and my country’ and maybe some other stuff. Now it’s:

I promise to do my best,
To be true to myself, my God/faith* and Canada;
I will help others,
And accept the Guiding Law

Sure that’s all well and good but it just doesn’t have the same oomph. I like having a queen in the pledge. Or a king whatever. Maybe I read to many romance novels but pledging fealty has always had a nice ring to it.

Now I’m pretty sure I was only in guides for a year, but I managed to rack up some nice badges. It was kind of easy to get one. I’ll forever remember the
irony of using a hot glue gun to attach my sewing badge to my sash. Hey Jeremy did it too, and he was a HARDCORE boy scout. Seriously, eventually they had to tell him to leave because he was too old. The goatee was freaking out other parents. Ahhh Jer. Where would this blog be without you.

Memorable Girl Guide moments:

  • Selling soap instead of cookies…WTF?
  • Making a candle of crayons
  • Having a family that never threw things out come in handy when I went for my ‘collectors’ badge
  • Learning hot to make a banana boat in a campfire (banana + Nigh’s chocolate + marshmallows = delish)
  • My delight in the uniform (seriously, it had this nifty coin purse)

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to see if I can get my hands on some more cookies. Mmmm.

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