Monday, October 3, 2005

science centre

I went to the science centre this weekend. SO MUCH FUN!! I loved the science arcade. Jeremy and I were comparing our scores for things like the grip test and how long 15 seconds is. After I did something he’d see if he could beat it and I said ‘oh it’s a competition?’. He replied ‘everything’s a competition’. Ok fine, but when we went to test our reflexes and I caught the ruler faster than him he wandered away and said ‘this isn’t a competition’. Ah, men are so cute when they’re childish. We really enjoyed trying to raise each other’s stress levels while taking the stress test. Jeremy would stand behind me and whisper ‘all the kids are laughing at you Clara, everyone’s staring’ and my little chart peaked. When he was doing the test I said ‘I’m pregnant’ and it had the same effect on his chart. Ah, what fun. The only downside was that you needed kids accompanying you to enter the kidspark activity center, which Jeremy thought was grossly unfair. He did hang half his body over the fence and managed to see a chameleon. He was very excited.

update* On the weekend it was my 2 year anniversary for living in Toronto!! Happy anniversary to me!!

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