Friday, September 30, 2005


Ever reminisce about high school? Wonder where people are know, if you ever pop into someone’s head as a stray thought?

I was in a reflective mood and was googling Ridgeway crystal beach high school. I spent 5 of my formative years there (OAC’s - for those American blog friends who may think I was just a little slow) and I’m curious about the people I knew. And by people I knew I mean EVERYONE who was at that school when I was. It was a small school and I was friendly, if a little awkward and shy. I found virtually nothing. I few sites from people I knew, one of my good friends brothers, one of my older sisters friends, but they were old and abandoned I fear. Ah well. In case anyone out there was searching for the same thing I thought I’d mention the name so you could feel a flicker of nostalgia if you happened to know me or at least know the school. The ol’ hometown has come up before in posts:

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And, as always, I have a few links to former classmates in my sidebar -

deviantart page , twothirtyseven
Mary & Craig:
trans-eurasia journey home, year of the teacher- has ended but chock full of archivey goodness.

I’d be happy to link to any former Blue Devils. Unless I hated you. Ah, just kidding, I didn’t hate anyone in high school. No I’m serious. I never had any strong group affiliations. I fluttered a bit between groups in between relationships ( I was that awful friend who stopped calling once she had a boyfriend). Suffice to say I had no hate for anyone, as that’s reserved usually for a show of loyalty in some sort of pack war or something that teenaged girls will put themselves through for no apparent reason. I’d like to think no one hated me in high school. I didn’t steal anyone’s guy (in fact I was notorious for taking the guys that nobody wanted, with my final year being the exception), I didn’t gossip behind backs (tho I didn’t always speak up in defense of people). I did keep my distance a bit, opting for keeping the bad out even if it blocked the good. Or maybe I just lost interest. I do know I didn’t try very hard. I had fun tho. I partied, participated, loved and lost. I did play it safe. Small towns, small high schools mean that everyone knows everything and I was always terrified of being pitied or laughed at or hated.

Ah well, I have no regrets. Well not much anyway. Small town life made me appreciate the anonymity of the city. I’ve become a little cynical, but I consider that a good thing, being so naïve naturally. Well I’ll stop here, as I’ve rambled on to create a monster when I’d intended a short plug for my old high school. I’ll leave off with saying that if any of you are in Toronto (downtown, I’m lazy and the GTA doesn’t count) I’ll take you out for a beer.

Unless I’m broke. And you have money.

Then you can treat me. Oh I’m delightful it’ll be worth it.

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