Thursday, September 29, 2005

hnt - feetgina

I was trying to get a cool artsy composition for this weeks hnt (like binsk always does) and I discovered something very disturbing. Or exciting, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I have a feetgina!!! What does this mean? Am I destined for a life of foot fetish porn? I certainly hope not, tho I do hear they make good money for stepping on eggs and things. Anyway I digress. I’d like to point out that Jeremy was against me posting the feetgina as he deemed it ‘obscene’. Methinks the Barista doth protest too much. Hmmmm? Whatever floats your boat baby.

Oh and it's a feetgina and not a footgina because it needs both feet to exist.

update* David and Schadeboy ‘s comments lead me to believe that people might be trying this at home later. Mayhap. If anyone does have a feetgina and posts it, let me know so I can compare.

Hey I showed you mine…

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