Tuesday, October 18, 2005

weekend update

Ok so on Friday Maria and I were out at the Flatiron playing ntn and having a few beer. Does anyone know if it’s possible to hack an ntn controller? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. To Maria. Every so often her answer would change when she wasn’t touching the board and soon enough her name began to change. Weirdness, so she gets a new board. Then it happens AGAIN!! This is several hours and many beer from when our ordeal began to this time Maria jumps off her stool (that’s right we sit up at the bar) and runs into the back room holding the controller up in front of her like Simba. She found the guy who was unknowingly ‘hacking’ her and made him trade boards with her. You had to be there.

Sunday Jeremy and I made a jaunt up to his parents to get wood (we’re trying to solve our mouse problem – a new generation has been born) and a gamecube (borrow). Denise asked me if I wanted a cup of tea and a sandwich. I ended up eating mashed potatoes and chicken by hinting heavily about leftovers from Thursdays dinner. Jeremy has since fallen ill and so it’s the last meal I ate. I have had tomato soup and hot dogs but it’s just not the same. It really is true what he says, if he’s not around I don’t eat. Unless it’s already in my apartment. Then I’ll eat it all.

Moving on, Saturday (and last night) Jeremy and I played Legend of Zelda – Wind Waker. I mean ALL DAY Saturday. Nearly 20 hours. I wouldn’t let him go to sleep. As we are in the market for a game system ( well 2 – I’m playstation, he’s Nintendo), he’s been rethinking the wisdom of this. He didn’t know that when I said I like to play for long stretches of time I meant LONG stretches of time. Only with quest games tho. Otherwise I can stop at 4 hours and be okay. Can you say addictive personality?

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