Monday, November 21, 2005

my achin' dogs

I don’t know how people work two jobs. I really don’t. I’m exhausted today after my weekend at the food show. My feet are killing me and I ache all over. Phew. I did have some nummies tho. Oysters, Kobe beef burger, peameal bacon sandwich and sushi to name a few. It was really too busy to try much else. And ONE glass of wine, which seems sadly lacking for a food and wine expo. It was fun tho, tiring but fun. I’ll definitely work it again next year if we have a booth. took some pics for a gallery. I’ll let you know when and if they go up. I didn’t see anyone I knew tho, so it goes without saying that none of the stalker badges were used. Poo. How cool would that have been? Ah well. The booth looked lovely and if you look you can see our ‘chocolate Christmas stocking’ by the fireplace. We held a draw for it at the end of the show. None of you won obviously. Poor things. Maybe I’ll hold an online draw of some sort to win some of my family’s chocolate. Some day. Wouldn’t that be fun? Next weekend I’ll be having more chocolate adventures as I head home for our Christmas open house where we have draws, samples, and other magical adventures. I just hope my feet have recovered by then.

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