Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? I’m sure at some point most of us have. I have a few standards that I get on a recurring basis. Number one is Drew. Who I love. I started hearing this back in high school when I had my hair early identical to the way she has it here, platinum curls and all. I always wore daisies in it too so that helped. Surprisingly it’s stuck over the years tho I hear it less. Once I had a guy come running up to me because he actually thought I was her. I swear! You can ask Jeremy he was there. Ah, the glory days. My FedEx guy says I look like a mixture of Susan Sarandon and Drew Barrymore. Be still my heart. I ADORE Susan. I have Kirsten Dunst in there because I’ve heard that twice. Once from some extremely drunk guys at a bachelor party Maria and I stumbled into at the Bier Market. They were wearing togas. They said I looked like Kirsten and Maria looked like Mena Suvari. Ah, drunk middle aged men in togas. What fun. Also someone left a comment here once saying I looked like her. That’s twice.

Now Maggie Gyllenhaal is a new one. I heard this for the first and only time at the food show on the weekend. Now I had no idea what she looked like, I just knew she was Jake’s sister and that Kalani would do her so naturally I said thank you quite exuberantly and resolved to google her as soon as I could. I suppose I can see how she said that but she was so insistent that I must hear it all the time that I was expecting more. A long lost twin perhaps. A doppelganger. Well nonetheless I shall add her to the list of people I’ve been told I look like and can daydream about how close I am to celebrity merely by bearing a passing resemblance to famous people who have accomplished wonderful things.

Having hair that is versatile adds to the repertoire of celebrities you can resemble. Also different smiles, makeup and even clothes can tip the scales towards vicarious famedom. Someday I can be one of those really trashy desperate girls on Elimidate who tells the below average guy all the girls are fighting over that people tell her she looks like Lindsay Lohen ALL THE TIME. Then proceed to give him a lap dance, while the other girls roll their eyes saying they have too much class to do that meanwhile they just wish they thought of it first. Oh I know how these things work, I’ve watched Elimidate.

taken just this second, y'know for comparison

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