Wednesday, November 23, 2005

a quirk

While walking to work this morn I had to pass under a scaffold thing as some work is being down on one of the upstairs shops in my area. It’s been up for awhile and I’m always nervous walking under it because I think of that scene from The Core when they’re in the big geode and a sliver of molten earth goes through the guys helmet and into his brain and he drops dead. Sorry if I spoiled the movie for you but I have to get my point across. My point? Well they are using nail guns and such and what if one flew through the plywood overhead and pierced my brain? I would fall down dead and if anyone stopped they might not know what happened because maybe I’m wearing my hair curly that day and you can’t see the nail. Maybe they just think I’m a drunk and leave me to rot on the sidewalk. Well today as I was walking under I hear a bunch of debris start falling and hitting the flimsy plywood above me, shaking it. I made a sound (deedee!) and ran out from under it, then looked back up at it and laughed once I had passed, y'know for the benefit of the people around who might be watching (I’m cool and carefree, not a loser and all that). As I continued to work I reflected on my near death experience. Deedee? This high pitched meep could have been my last mortal utterance? I shudder to think of it. I always thought my younger sister was the one for odd noises and gestures but the more I think about it the more I realize how peculiar I am. Eeps, urgs, beeps and geegs are pretty standard in Clara’s daily life. Sometimes I don’t even notice. Usually they pop out when I'm startled. Like a mouse.

My point? I’m weird. And I like it. Maybe I’ll make a CD like William Shatner. My strange squeaky noises with full orchestral accompaniment. I’ll be rich!!

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