Wednesday, December 7, 2005

I heart you!

Wow!! What a lovely response! I was surprised how emotionally I responded to the answer you people put in the comments section. I heart you all!

I'll answer the questions that people posed for number 15 on the list. And if you haven’t done my little exercise feel free to just do 15 if you’re the lazy type. Like myself. Har.

Monkey - One thing I would like to know about Clara is what she's wearing.
A. Well Monkey right now I have a tan striped blouse and black pants on. Unfortunately with no internet at home that question will only yield descriptions of my limited work wardrobe. Sorry hun.

Kalani - One thing I would like to know about Clara is how her and Banana Boy met.
A. well dear we met in first year University at Guelph. We were on the same floor in residence and at party in someone’s room, I heard him talking and thought he was so funny. And gay. I was really big into finding my own Jack like Karen Walker has and thought he’d be perfect. Turns out he’s straight. And here we are!!

zen wizard - her bra size.
A. Well the bra I'm wearing right now is a 34 B, but I tend to pop out a little so I think I need to go up a cup. Wouldn’t that be great? C is for Clara AND her cup size!!! Ah, that’s gold baby.

binsk - One thing I would like to know about Clara is if her real name is Clara.
A. it has honestly never occurred to me that people might think my name isn’t Clara, but I shouldn’t be surprised. So many people use other names on blogs. Der. Well dear binsk the name on my birth certificate is INDEED Clara and I have loved it my entire life.

Tom - One thing I would like to know about Clara is [ her favourite food ].
A. MASHED POTATOES! With gravy. Whatever I get at a restaurant I ask if I can substitute the fries/salad/whatever for mashed potatoes and gravy. Damn the cost I want my taters!!

Melissa - One thing I would like to know about Clara is does she ever travel to Vancouver?
A. Y’know dear I have not as yet. But I’m gonna make it there someday. We had a family reunion there a few years back and I had to work so I couldn’t go. My entire family says that I was made for Vancouver. So yeah I’ll be going someday soon hopefully.

Maria didn’t ask anything, she knows too much already. Poor thing.

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