Tuesday, January 3, 2006

back in the saddle

I tell ya it was quite nice to take a break from blogging, tho I am glad to be back at the computer. I had to resort to yelling my thoughts and observances to passers by. Not really. Well maybe a little. I won’t go into a point by point of my Christmas vacation but I may share pics throughout the week. Let\s just say it was a fabulous and much needed break. Quality family time and some goodies. Jeremy bought me a Playstation 2. The tiny slim sleek one. So my life will now alter completely to include gaming time. Right now that means Final Fantasy time. Oh Spira, how I missed you.

Moving on….it’s a new year with new possibilities and hopefully it will take until February to feel just like the old one. I've got a fun filled January to start 2006. My biopsy is this week, then I've taking more time off (just 2 days relax) to hang with my family in some cabin somewhere. Hopefully Narnia. Obviously I've watched the movie recently and Turkish Delight and talking animals are more than enough to make me wish I had my own magic wardrobe. I already checked my closet. No dice. Or portals.

I’ll leave you with the ever excitable Jeremy trying out his snowshoes for the first time in the dismal offering of snow my family’s farm had to offer. You’ve never heard such giggling.

While walking to work today I saw the memorial for the slain Jane Creba. I’ll be walking by it twice a day for however long it stands and tho I knew not the girl I shall leave her something. Some posies and a poem perhaps. Senseless senseless.

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