Wednesday, January 4, 2006

jernese puppy

While at the pseudo in laws Christmas we got to spend time with a Bernese Mountain Dog (it was being dog sat). This thing is HUGE!! It sounds like a horse when tromping through the house and it takes more than one person to shove it out of your way. She took madly to Jeremy, following him everywhere, including yes, our room. And by room I mean cordoned off section of the house with a lovely inflatable mattress. I was awoken more than once by a sturdy lick to the top of my head. Ah doggies. Here’s the gigantor pup with Jeremy hiding in the covers.

Jer had to walk her one night and though I didn’t get to witness the antics (to my eternal regret) the description of said walk has left me with a lovely mental image of something resembling parasailing, with the dog as the boat.

Jeremy would be the sail.


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