Friday, January 6, 2006

hnf (?) - c'mon i have a good excuse

All went well yesterday. For any of you who have a needle biopsy coming up and are nervous – don’t be. I was in and out of there in half an hour. The needle was in for less than a minute and it didn’t hurt, I just felt a weird pressure in my neck. I even swallowed when the needle was in and it didn’t hurt (tho I was warned not to, but c’mon how can I help it when I’m laying on my back with my head tilted way back PLUS I’m nervous!!??!). Afterwards Jeremy took me out to Toby’s for burgers (99 cent burger yo) and I got one slathered in sour cream. I also got a pint and Jeremy looked at me oddly asking if it wasn’t a little early for alcohol. I told him a) it’s beer and it’s after 12 and b) I’d just been biopsied so I could have a tequila shooter if I was so inclined and that would be perfectly acceptable. He then called me his ‘little cancer patient’ and patted me on the head. Well we won’t know the answer to the malignant/benign question until the 17th (hopefully) but according to the facts I posted yesterday, there really isn’t anything to worry about. Now I am feeling tender in the neck area but just fine a few inches below that so I’ll share that with you on this rain day for half nekkid Thursday. The nightgown was an early bday present from my eldest sister. It is one of two actually but Jeremy has commandeered the other one (a long sleeved fleece that goes to the knees) reminding me that Ebenezer Scrooge wore a nightshirt. That’s fine sweetie, this one is clearly flattering to the girls.

Especially when I pose just so


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