Monday, January 23, 2006

a luverly weekend in the snow

Well my weekend winter frolics were delightful. I went snowshoeing twice and am rather hooked. It’s quite a workout! Buns, thighs, legs and arms were aching but the outdoor hot tub took care of my muscles nicely. Mmmm, hot tub. Anyway my father, who can be quite insane at times, headed up the snowshoeing. The first trip had us trekking across a semi-frozen lake to an island. I’ve never been so terrified in my life. The top of the lake was slush and I heard some suspicious creaks and moans that had me wondering if I’d make it across. The next time we went out I had to navigate some vertical slopes and dense trees. It seemed like every time we came off a trial we saw a no trespassing sign behind us. Oopsie. I’m just glad that no one shot at us. The thought crossed my mind. The scenery was gorgeous as you can see. I recommend it for anyone who is able; I find it necessary to have at least one weekend where you really get to enjoy winter. Makes those months trudging through slush that much more bearable.

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