Tuesday, January 24, 2006

well now we’ve gone and done it…

Sigh. Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Shudder. It’s happened. I went out last night and voted for the first time EVER! I had to wander around for a bit before I found my way into my polling station but from that point on the whole process took under a minute. It was shorter than my biopsy but no less scary. Jer and I stayed up for a while, watching the results come in. we flipped between several stations because the numbers were different as was the tone of the broadcast. On Global News they announced Stephan Harper as Prime Minister at 9:31. We both had little heart attacks.

pic via stephen harper & spongebob squarepants

These fellow bloggers all had something to say about the election and/or their voting experience:

Binsk, Maria, Anthony, Ice Queen & Jamie

I can’t say I’m surprised with the results, we knew this was coming.
James had a great voting strategy I may just follow next year, plus he put it all into perspective for me, so I feel a little better.

However, with the Conservatives sliding in on a slim margin of victory, the Liberals will have
time to clean up their act and mount their next election campaign (get rid of Martin and any other links to corruption). And even better, it will give the Conservatives just enough time to show their true colours and start to screw up this country again. Thankfully the Liberals will then throw them out of office on a new vote of non-confidence before they can cause any long-term detrimental damage to Canada (via jamestillberg.com).”

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