Wednesday, January 25, 2006


So last night Jeremy treated himself to Thundercats, Season 1 Vol. 1. The joy this boy was feeling last night was highly amusing. We had a short debate over the robear berbils. I remembered googling the term and having no luck until I tried simply ‘berbils’. I suggested that he was mistaken about the name. Yikes. The outrage! We had to watch the episode with them so I could be proven wrong. It was titled ‘Berbils’ so I thought I might be right but they chanted robear berbils 10 times at one point and Jeremy looked increasingly smug each time. I was then told never to doubt his Thundercats knowledge. Don’t worry I won’t sweetie. I googled it again and of course there are hundreds of pages on robear berbils. Sigh. There was a featurette on the DVD where fans talk about their Thundercats memories and one notable fan on there is Will Wheaton. Upon watching his commentary we discovered that he is Jeremy’s soulmate. He made quite a stirring speech on how Tygra was his favourite and whenever Liono got into trouble you’d hear that Bolo whip and know help was on the way. Jer nearly swooned. I did gather the courage to disagree with him on one point, that Thundercats does NOT have the best animation style ever. My anime tastes run toward the likes of Ayashi no Ceres, Rurouni Kenshin, Inu Yasha, Onegai Teacher, Scrapped Princess, Ah! My Goddess and X. In fact these are my favourites. I lurve them. I want to take every t-shirt, lunch box, plush figure, action figure, wall scroll whatever and roll around naked in them.....ah.....ooohh.....

I forget what my point was, I got caught up in reminiscing about the wonderful times I had watching these anime series. In most cases I sat there and watched the entire series back to back. With Ayashi no Ceres it was done the night I was supposed to be packing to move into the apartment I live in now. Ah, good times. My new goal in life is to have these all on DVD. Someday…someday!!!!

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