Thursday, January 26, 2006

my voice

I think I have a nasalesque voice. It’s true. Whenever I listen to recordings of myself I just cringe. I sound soooo much better in my head. But whatever, live with it, right? Well it occurred to me that my love for certain comedic females might stem from an unconscious nasal sisterhood. No really. Last night there was this special on TV of Kathy Griffin doing stand up. So funny, I nearly died. Jeremy said he finds her annoying but she is funny. I thought about it and realized that I also love Fran Drescher and Megan Mullally, and other people have indicated that they found them annoying. And I mean I lurve these guys. I have Fran Drescher’s autobiography and more Megan Mullally songs on my computer than I can count. I recently ordered her Big as a Berry CD. I’m sure I have many different reasons for loving these gals but I think, on some subconscious level, it’s the voices and my personal dislike of my own voice. If I can love them and their less than dulcet tones then I’m not as bad as I thought. Well I’ll let you all have a listen and decide for yourself. I made this on my phone just so I could have a listen, and later decided to share it so I may be more nasal than usual. And I really hate to shatter the image some of you may have of me with a breathy, sexy voice (admit it) so if that’s you, don’t click here - the voice of clara.

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