Friday, January 27, 2006


I do declara. Hee har. Yesterday and today I have been utterly spoiled. I got flowers and a package arrived from my mum that had tons o presents, a cake and helium balloon that popped out as soon as I opened it. All in a yellow theme. I waited until Jeremy got home to open the presents and he lit the candles on the cake and sang happy birthday, This was quite a feat as Jeremy is very traditional about certain things. Birthdays being one of them. He was APPALLED that I would open the presents before my actual day of birth. Well hey if I hadn’t opened the box I would have had a ruined cake on Sunday. So there.

Today I get a cake after lunch here at work and later on drinks with some lovely ladies, i.e.
Maria and Connie et al.

It’s turning into a luverly birthday weekend, too bad I won’t be able to post on the actual day. If you’d like to get me something you can get as many people as possible to hit my site by the end of Sunday. You see I'm about 220 hits away from 25000 visitors. I would ADORE hitting the big 25000 by the big 25th birthday. Too cute I know but once the notion entered my brain it blossomed into a tumour of excitement and hope. So poetic.

Oh one more cake pic at grinchala. It’s of Jeremy.

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