Monday, January 30, 2006

25 & 25000

We did it! We did it!! Ah Dora now that song is in my head. Anyhoo I want to thank EVERYONE who stopped by and helped me reach 25000 hits by the time I hit 25 years. I really really appreciate it. Especially these three who pretty much sent you all over here: Os , Tish and my Special K . Mwah, mwah and mwah. I had a fabulous weekend and received many thoughtful gifts on top of my goal being reached. I’ll tell you all about them as the week goes on, certain ones need their own post. Trust me.

Well this spoiled gal must get back to work, again thanks to everyone on the internet and in the outernet for making it a special birthday. It totally makes up for that time no one came to my birthday party. I won’t go into detail but it was grade 5, planned it myself, right down to goodie bags and decorations I paid for out of my own pocket!! And nobody showed up. Umm, okay so maybe I went into a little detail. Whatever, the memory has been wiped clean by my great and special birthday and reaching a quarter of a century of life. Or something like that.

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